Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Following Edmund's contest on SUA

The following post is by Sam Sero - famous for his SUA theories about electrical malfunctions causing SUA - he posted this on Edmund's under the unintended acceleration contest postings; "I have been investigating SA or UA incidents for over twenty years and I am certain that the actual cause of these events is electromagnetic interference. EMI is something that has plagued not only the auto industry but aircraft, cranes, wheelchairs, pacemakers and comp[uters to name a few. I have compiled an extensive history of documents that trace the advent of the condition to the fuel injected engine with electronic cruise control. Toyota's problem is not unique. The control of the throttle from an ECM is equivalent to what Ford tried in its 1989 and 1990 integrated engine and cruise control systems and experienced a 600% increase in the rate of sudden accleration events in the models it placed this control in. For more info go to" My Reply; Mr. Sero - Given the fact that in the history of building automobiles no one (including NHTSA, Toyota etc.) has ever documented a single vehicle that would accelerate out of control by itself due to an electrical system malfunction please cite one case or vehicle where investigators found a real world example of a car that had a defective electrical part that caused it to accelerate out of control by itself. No theories please, just one single real world example that is verifiable. After all your site is Forensic Facts - not Forensic Theories.

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